Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am sure that I am not alone in my love of afternoon thunderstorms. My love for these is as intense and steady as the rain that falls from the dark clouds.

When I was a teenager, I worked as a lifeguard for the neighborhood pool during the summers. Then thunderstorms meant three wonderful things- mass exiting of the patrons, playing cards in the clubhouse, and the possibility of closing early.

All throughout school, I had various classes in "trailers" (I think they call them something more 'sophisticated' now like 'mobile classrooms"). Regardless, they are made of metal. During afternoon thunderstorms, I had more than one teacher, on more than one occasion, proclaim it "too loud to teach" due to the rain hitting the trailer at all angles. Awesome.

And now, on a summer afternoon- a thunderstorm means almost the same thing: an excuse to do nothing. To sit on the couch- watch a movie- read a book- work on a puzzle.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Sunday Evening Ritual

I have always had a little dread when it comes to Sunday nights- weekend's over, Monday morning is around the corner, etc.

So, to combat this dreadfulness that I feel, I have a couple of rituals on Sunday evening that put me in a good mood no matter what is waiting for me the next day....

One: DiGiorno Pizza---this is my one constant indulgence every week. I know that it is disgustingly, extraordinarily unhealthy- but I love it. and it makes me happy.

Two: My mom and I made up a ranch style dressing using random ingredients in my kitchen...this is now what I make every Sunday to dip my pizza in...if it is already that bad for me...what's a little more mayonnaise? :)

Three: While the pizza is in the oven and I am pulling out the ingredients for my salad dressings- I blare Annie Lennox "Walking on Broken Glass."

and I dance.

I do not normally dance, but the opening song is completely dance-in-your-kitchen worthy :)
Try it!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am not a mom. Not yet, at least.  Someday, this blog will be full of great stories and insights on raising a child or two (which will, at that point, be a most happy happy life).  Until then, I would like to share bits and pieces of what makes this life happy- what makes it the good life, the pleasing life.  

Hopefully, this blog will offer something positive on a rainy day, a day of the mehs, or will add to your happiness that is in full swing!

Who doesn't love some fresh rain on a pretty green leaf?