Monday, October 26, 2009

Billboards- The Cracker Barrel Variety

Patrick and I have been on the road the past three weekends driving to various places. Last weekend we spent about 18 hours driving down the highway- and I read almost every billboard that we passed (yes, it was as exciting as it sounds.) But! My favorite billboards of all time (and these past trips have not let me down) are definitely those belonging to the Cracker Barrel.

You ask me, "Is it the welcoming front porch that you know awaits weary travelers like yourself? Is it the crackling fireplace that burns in the hearth, making you feel at home no matter where you are? Is it the country store full of items you never knew you needed?"

"No." I say to you. "'Tis the billboards."

I have a few that I particularly love- but below is my all
time favorite:

I know it is a small picture (only one I could find!)

Carrots. I do like cooked carrots; however, what I love is imagining the person that sees this billboard and HAS to go to Cracker Barrel to get THOSE CARROTS. Like, they cut across lanes of traffic, risk getting a speeding ticket, and careen into a parking spot. They see that billboard and think JACKPOT! :) Makes me smile every time.

I like to think of similar people who see this one:

:) Keep your eyes open the next time you go for a drive- you never know when that billboard of green beans will hit you just right....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Nephew.....and Skype

I cannot believe that two whole months have gone by since I last updated this little blog. School started and just like that my free time on my computer has been drastically cut.

But! Here I am!

I have a nephew, we'll call him "D." He is the first baby of my amazing sister, and my first nephew/niece. I've always known that babies are fun and cute and all other stereotypical baby adjectives. Oh my goodness. I had no idea HOW fun or HOW cute this baby was going to be- how much I look forward to seeing his face- and the lengths that I will go to make him smile.

Technology is a mysterious, wonderful thing. Have any of you been on the ride that is inside the Epcot Ball? Well, it in the past has been sponsored by AT&T, and a focus is the evolution of communication. For the past 15 years, I have ridden that ride at least once every year, and I am always most in wonder of the last scene- where you see a child talking to his mother (who is half-way around the world) via his television. I NEVER thought I would ever see that kind of technology.

Now! I have had the chance to do exactly that (but through my computer) with Skype. Skype has allowed me to see my nephew grow from a tiny baby to a toddling toddler. He and I learned to play Hide&Seek together, he recognizes my face, and soon he will recognize my name.

D makes me happy. Seeing my sister in a role as a mother, a role that she was born for- makes me happy. Skype and its magic that brings D and me together makes me happy.

Below are a few pictures of D that make me happy.... hopefully, because he is a cute baby, they will give you a smile too :)