Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ugly Comparison

So, I was at recess today and was convinced to play four-square with the kids.  I dominate at four-square. Dominate.  It is a speciality.  Of course, within a few minutes, I was at the king position and I held up the basketball.  I turned and showed my profile to my students and held the basketball to the left of my belly at my waist. I asked the kids if they could see the basketball.  They couldn't.

Please, baby, I'm glad you are fully cooked and in there practicing your baby things. But, Mama isn't too excited about being bigger than a basketball at this point. Just letting you know.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Baby Daddy

I am clearly at the point where it is very obvious that I am "with child."  Anyone walking by me at the store or in the parking lot (I would say on the street, but I actually don't walk by people on streets too often, it turns out) probably think to themselves, "That girl is pregnant."  That's it, "that girl is pregnant."  I'm guilty of this too-- the not-much-attention paid to the baby itself or the family behind that baby, that girl.

Here's what I would like for people to see when they see this particular pregnant belly:

The incredible father of this child.  The father who says goodbye to the baby every morning and goodnight to the baby every night.  The father who eagerly puts together all the baby's furniture.  The father who gets choked up at the thought of the enormous love that is coming.

The husband of this girl.  The husband who believes me beautiful despite all the reasons to not think so right now.  The husband who is proud of this girl and without a doubt trusts this girl to be the mother of his child. The husband who is patient. The husband who works hard without complaints.

Ultimately, this baby and this girl are propelled forward by the love of a sweet man, what a wonderful behind-the-scenes thing to have on our side.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Little Girl!

We had an ultrasound this afternoon to check the position of the baby, and to make sure her growth is on track. The last time we saw her was at 18 weeks and you could see her entire little body at once. We are now at 35 weeks, and she is quite a bit bigger! They estimated her weight at around 5 pounds 6 ounces. She is breathing, sucking on her fingers, tapping her fingers across her face, and her little heart is beating strong. So wonderful and relieving to see her doing so well!

Below are several images that we got from the ultrasound- these are pictures of pictures, but I think you can get the idea of how she looks right about now! One month until we get to hold the little sucker!

Here she is sucking her finger- which she pretty much did during the entire ultrasound.

Look at that nose!




Just like Mama and Dad!