Saturday, January 22, 2011

Abigail Update!

Well, I had started a different blog to devote solely to this baby-on-the-way.  But, something about it didn't seem right- when, after all, I already had this blog titled "This Happy Happy Life."  So, we are back over  here and here we will stay! 

I am now 29 weeks along, and can't believe this little chimp is going to be here in a few short months.  I find myself looking forward to so much- springtime, flip-flops, longer days, blooms, and Abigail. The image below sums up my feelings pretty accurately:  
 I know these warms thoughts will help get me through February, my least favorite season. 

Patrick and I have had fun putting together Abigail's room. All of her furniture has arrived and is assembled.  It is great to walk by her room and see its existence- helps us to understand that this is really happening!  Below are a few pictures of what is completed so far! 

Crib and three signs that say : laugh, wish, fly
In the corner is an awesome playmat from Bubbe!

The bookcase has a few books for Abigail, and one that is titled "HELP!" for me

Dresser/Changer  Thank you, Nana for the diaper pen- let's hope it is too big to actually use on Abigail....

Already has her robe on a hook-a sweet gift from Sam :)


I'm getting bigger, but know that even bigger is on its way!  Abigail moves quite a bit and seems to love to dance....I'm pretty sure she is already an expert at the Macarena (and if she is like her mama, she is always at least half a beat off). 
I wear the workout pants to make myself feel more accomplished.