Sunday, February 6, 2011

9 weeks (give or take) to go....

Well, I (think) have had just about the easiest pregnancy that one could imagine.  Monday morning came as a bit surprise, then, when around 8:45, I had the school nurse take my blood pressure and it was high.  I called Patrick, who was able to get in touch with my doctor- she advised me to come to the L&D floor to have some tests run and to have Abigail monitored. 

What?! You want me to go where?!  

I pretty much looked like this, but pregnanter. 

After checking in at the nurses station, they sent Patrick and me to a room. A delivery room. Gulp.  I was  given an impossible crazy gown to put on (took three of us to get it on correctly- certainly doesn't bode well for our ability to dress a child, does it?) and they strapped up monitors to my belly and a blood pressure cuff to my arm.  And that was the excitement for the next hour and half or so. 

Oh, and while we were waiting for the labs to come back, Patrick and I heard a lady loudly go into labor, push, and a release a baby.  That was a little too much reality for me.  

Patrick was with me the whole time, everything came back normal, and Abigail enjoyed showing off her strong heartbeat for over an hour.  

Before leaving the hospital, our nurse gave us a tour of the floor, which is newly renovated.  It is family centered- so there is no nursery and the rooms are large so that the parents and baby can spend time together while in the hospital.   This type of set-up encourages skin-to-skin contact to help regulate the temperature of the baby (our body temperature will rise to compensate for the baby's)- a concept that I think is amazing. 

Next week, baby shower in Atlanta- can't wait!!

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  1. pregnanter? Is that a word? Just kidding! Glad everything went well and Abigail is ok. See you this weekend!