Monday, July 11, 2011

And, somehow, we are at 14 weeks!

Well, I realize that I haven't blogged in quite awhile.  It is amazing how the days slip by- between eating, playing, rocking, sometimes a nap here and there and then starting all over 2 hours later....I don't find that I have that much free time on the computer.  When I do, honestly, I am usually on Pinterest!

I know everyone says it, but man is this baby growing up fast! We'll start at the present- look at what she figured out how to do today!

To give you an idea of the bigness of this deal, let me tell you what Abigail was doing during tummy time a day ago. Oh, right, NOTHING!  She sucked on her fist during tummy time. Or she would squirm until she found her fist.... but today! Out of the blue! Turned over! Crazy! And, yes, I made her flip over several times before I took this video.

She has also started with some intense squealing. It's impressive and I will work on getting a recording for your listening pleasure. 

For now, please enjoy a few pictures from the last month!

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  1. Adorable as usual! I love the video, I can't even get Sadie and Hines to do that, haha! Love you both and Patrick too.