Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend In Savannah

This past weekend we drove down to Savannah to visit with Grann and Gramps.  We had a great time hanging out, going to the pool, and, as always, sharing delicious meals.
Grann and Abigail Poolside
Auntie E is so pretty
Really, guys? a sailor hat? 

Thanks, Gramps!
Grann and Gramps

Grandma Liz!

Abigail is really starting to like the water- splishing and splashing-  I think she would love it even more if that sun wasn't so bright!

She is also starting to show a bit of her personality.  She definitely understands attention and how awesome attention is.....look away for a few minutes, she will let out a whine, look back at her and she smiles :)   She also has become a big fan of blowing raspberries.  That alone keeps her (and me) entertained for longer than it should :)  And, oh! does she love Ellie.  Abigail laughs, kicks ferociously, and tracks every move of Ellie's. I think it is an unrequited love at this point....Ellie still wants our attention- she doesn't realize yet that attention from Abigail is so much better.

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