Friday, October 7, 2011

Abigail is 6 Months Old!


6 Month Stats:

16 lbs 10 oz
25 1/2 inches
riding in the grocery cart
trying to crawl
smiling at strangers

doesn't love:
when those strangers get too close

Favorite Book: In My Tree

I always knew that babies change rapidly during their first year of life, but it wasn't until Abigail came along that I see that those changes come daily.  Every day, Abigail is more interactive, more aware of her surroundings, and showing signs of definite understanding.  Also, she now sits in the front of the grocery cart and in high chairs at restaurants!

We have our routine down pretty well.  A normal day starts around 8:15 am, with a morning nap, followed by 3 awesome hours of awake time, then 2 great hours of a nap in the afternoon, dinner, and bed around 8:15 pm.  She still isn't consistently sleeping through the night, but we are getting closer (I sincerely hope).

She is simply lots of fun.  She blows raspberries when it is quiet at church, making everyone around us giggle quietly (which prompts her to do it more), she stares at a stranger until they look at her and then she smiles a huge smile. She automatically looks for Ellie when I bring her out of her room after a nap. She is a talker.

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