Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Nephew.....and Skype

I cannot believe that two whole months have gone by since I last updated this little blog. School started and just like that my free time on my computer has been drastically cut.

But! Here I am!

I have a nephew, we'll call him "D." He is the first baby of my amazing sister, and my first nephew/niece. I've always known that babies are fun and cute and all other stereotypical baby adjectives. Oh my goodness. I had no idea HOW fun or HOW cute this baby was going to be- how much I look forward to seeing his face- and the lengths that I will go to make him smile.

Technology is a mysterious, wonderful thing. Have any of you been on the ride that is inside the Epcot Ball? Well, it in the past has been sponsored by AT&T, and a focus is the evolution of communication. For the past 15 years, I have ridden that ride at least once every year, and I am always most in wonder of the last scene- where you see a child talking to his mother (who is half-way around the world) via his television. I NEVER thought I would ever see that kind of technology.

Now! I have had the chance to do exactly that (but through my computer) with Skype. Skype has allowed me to see my nephew grow from a tiny baby to a toddling toddler. He and I learned to play Hide&Seek together, he recognizes my face, and soon he will recognize my name.

D makes me happy. Seeing my sister in a role as a mother, a role that she was born for- makes me happy. Skype and its magic that brings D and me together makes me happy.

Below are a few pictures of D that make me happy.... hopefully, because he is a cute baby, they will give you a smile too :)

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  1. Well, YOU are very sweet and I love that you love my little D. He loves you too, and wants to grow up and be famous like you!