Monday, October 26, 2009

Billboards- The Cracker Barrel Variety

Patrick and I have been on the road the past three weekends driving to various places. Last weekend we spent about 18 hours driving down the highway- and I read almost every billboard that we passed (yes, it was as exciting as it sounds.) But! My favorite billboards of all time (and these past trips have not let me down) are definitely those belonging to the Cracker Barrel.

You ask me, "Is it the welcoming front porch that you know awaits weary travelers like yourself? Is it the crackling fireplace that burns in the hearth, making you feel at home no matter where you are? Is it the country store full of items you never knew you needed?"

"No." I say to you. "'Tis the billboards."

I have a few that I particularly love- but below is my all
time favorite:

I know it is a small picture (only one I could find!)

Carrots. I do like cooked carrots; however, what I love is imagining the person that sees this billboard and HAS to go to Cracker Barrel to get THOSE CARROTS. Like, they cut across lanes of traffic, risk getting a speeding ticket, and careen into a parking spot. They see that billboard and think JACKPOT! :) Makes me smile every time.

I like to think of similar people who see this one:

:) Keep your eyes open the next time you go for a drive- you never know when that billboard of green beans will hit you just right....


  1. Friend, I'll take you to Cracker Barrel, just come visit me in marietta! We have one just down the street. :)

  2. In all of my visits to Cracker Barrel (and OH MY there have been many!) - I have never had their corn or their carrots. . My husband does, however, order "chicken and dumplins with a SIDE of dumplins" - this thought should make you happy and also it should make you feel less guilty about pizza with a side of ranch dressing....I mean, it could be a side of DUMPLINGS for cryin' out loud.